Service Park at Parnell’s Quarry Open Friday July 8thth 15:00 to 22:00

No vehicle movement after 22:30

Service Park at Parnell’s Quarry Re-opens Saturday July 9th 06:30.

Closes one hour after awards presentation.

Registration Friday July 8th   17:00-20:00
Recce Meeting Friday, July 8 17:45
First Pass Recce Friday July 8th   18:00-20:00
Scrutineering July 9th 08:00–9:00
Saturday Registration Saturday July 9th 08:00-9:00
Second Pass Recce Saturday July 9th  07:30-09:00
Introduction of Officials/Drivers’

Meeting Officials of the event will be introduced. The driver or co-driver of every team competing in the event must be present. Teams not represented at the meeting are subject to a fine of $50.00. Roll call will be taken!

July 9th 9:30 (for all competitors)
Mandatory Safety Meeting for ALL competitors, immediately after Drivers meeting. An official of RSO will conduct the Meeting. $50 fine and a talk with officials for absent teams. Following Introduction of Officials
First Car Start from Rally HQ at Quarry 10:01
First Car Finish 17:20 (approx)
Podium & Champagne Spray 18:10 (approx)
Results and Awards 18:15 (approx)