COVID Operating Guide This Guide must be read by everyone Competing or Working


Crews are limited to Driver and one supporter service person.

No one can ride in your vehicle unless they are from same house hold. Or are registered as Other driver in a shared car.

We are trying to minimize number of non driver people as much as possible 

Physical distancing must be observed at all times with people who are not part of your crew.

Face masks are required at all times while when attending Drivers meeting, in area of Mock grid outside of your car and at any time while meeting with event officials.

Any Time Physical Distancing cannot be maintained.

No visiting other service area


COVID-19 is making us try new methods as we run our event.

We are going to try and make as much as possible Non-Contact which will require help from all entrants.

We are going to place Documents on this page which Entrants will be required to print off and bring with them to the event.

Vehicle Self Declaration  Please fill out and bring Declaration with you. You may if you wish submit via email before event


Digital Version of Waiver you can E-Sign and send to

Conventional Version Please Print off, sign and bring with you.

Numbers. Trying an Experiment to reduce contact at Rally X Please print your own numbers at home. Be careful and select one page only on your Printer. Numbers and start order will be circulated by email and posted to web site a few days before event. They can be applied to interior or exterior  Cars with Heavy Tint Exterior only) of Rear Side windows, Small one Windshield and rear window