Supplementary Regulations

Supplementary Regulations

2020 PMSC Rally Cross

Applicable to all PMSC Rally X dates 2020


Name of Event 2

Organizing Committee. 2

Jurisdiction. 2

Location. 2

Schedule. 3

Rally Cross Classes  3

Entry  4

Technical Inspection. 4

Recce. 4

Sponsorship. 4

Scoring. 5

Interruption of Run ……………………………………….…………………………5

Competitive Runs & Timing………………………………………………………5

Alcohol and Drugs. 6

General Supplementary Safety Rules and Regulations. 6

Withdrawal or Cancellation………………………………………………………

1. Name of Event

Peterborough Mitsubishi Motors 2020 PMSC Rally X Championship

Presented by Canadian Tire (Chemong Road Peterborough)


2. Organizing Committee

  • Organizing Club:                  Peterborough Motor Sports Club
  • Organizer:                          Pete Gulliver / Peter Watt
  • Clerk of the Course:             Pete Gulliver 
  • Registrar:                           Pete Gulliver & Team
  • Scrutineer:                         TBA
  • Scoring:                             Pete Gulliver & team


3. Jurisdiction

Rally Cross are held under the 2020 Rally Cross Rules and Regulations (RCRRs) and National Rally Regulation (NRRs) of the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and any subsequent bulletins. These rules are available through the CARS website ( or directly through the CARS office, whose address follows:

       Canadian Association of Rallysport

           Box 300 Turner Valley, AB

                       T0L 2A0


4.       Locations vary depending on date


Burnt River Off Road Facility 502 Ledge Hill Rd, Burnt River, ON K0M 1C0

44.650913   -78.685606


Free Flow MX Park Brandt Rd Belleville  K8N 4Z4

44.189504   -77.247624


At no time during the event will a non-licenced competing vehicle use public roads. Organizers ask that vehicles coming to or leaving the venue at any time be driven in a responsible manner. Any violations of the CARS Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.  The organizers also reserve the right to expel any offenders from the event.

All land surrounding the course shall be considered competition area. The course shall be marked with caution tape, pylons, arrows, tires or hay bales as required.

NOTE: There are no spectator areas.  All persons entering the facility must sign insurance waivers.

  1. Schedule All times are subject to adjustment


Online Registration is Open

Day of Event schedule

Registration and Scrutineering                              Opens 08:00

Competitors’ Meeting    (Registration Closed)                    08:45

Scrutineering closes                                                     09:00

Recce                                                                        09:00

Runs start                                                     ASAP after Recce

Lunch (NOT PROVIDED) (approx)(subject to change)                 12:30

Balance of Runs                                                           13:30

Rally Cross Finishs        (approximately)                          15:30

Results       (approximately)                                          15:45

We hope to have 8 runs 4+ runs in Morning session and balance after lunch.


  6. Rally Cross Classes

  • Class 1      2WD
  • Class 2     NA AWD
  • Class 3     Turbo AWD


A vehicle may be shared by a maximum of TWO (2) competitors provided they have met driver requirements as per RCRR Section 27.3.1 published by CARS.

For vehicles with a high centre of gravity (height greater than width), such as a SUV or pick-up truck, please contact Organizer to determine eligibility.

Organizers may grant, at their discretion, permission for competitors to change vehicles between runs provided this does not reflect a change in class

7. Entry

Entry: $ 100.00 ($80 PMSC Members).  A maximum of 30 entries will be accepted. Entries are not considered final until payment is received.

All entries will be held in order of receipt.  Please check your entry status


8. Technical Inspection

All vehicles will be subject to scrutineering prior to being allowed to run.

An annual Self Declaration form must be submitted for all vehicles.

9. Recce

An escorted recce will be provided for all competitors to view course.

See the schedule for time.


During the reconnaissance, CARS requirements and these regulations including bulletins. Sliding of the vehicle, failure to remain in the proper lane, aggressive driving, speeding, driving in the opposite direction to rally traffic, or backing up on a stage road are not permitted. The maximum speed limit on a stage road during reconnaissance is 40 km/h unless otherwise posted lower.


Competitors guilty of any of the above infractions will be assessed the following penalties: First offence a FINE (amount at discretion of the organizer) plus a meeting with the event organizer and/or Clerk of the Course to present the reasons why you should be allowed to continue in the event.  Second offence will result in exclusion with no refund.


10. Sponsorship      

Any personal sponsorship or graphics on vehicles must be in good taste.  The Organizer and/or Scrutineer will determine what is acceptable and their decision is final and not subject to appeal.


PMSC may have sponsors that attach their names to this event.



  1. Scoring

Scoring will be based only on stage times and penalties and will be per driver.


  1. Interruption of Run

If a red “STOP” sign or waved red flag is shown to a competitor during a competitive run, competitors are to stop immediately. When instructed by the marshal, proceed to the finish at SLOW speed. The competitor will then probably be allowed to restart their competitive run. Any practice or excessive speed during this time will result in the competitor being excluded from the run and listed as a DNF.


13. Competitive Runs & Timing

Start Order

Competitors are expected to line up in their start order 5 minutes before their expected start time; Competitors are asked to try and stay within 3 car numbers of their start order.  

Competitors must obey all marshals!

If you DNF for whatever reason, notification must be given to the Clerk or HQ and Scoring.


A penalty of 15 seconds will be added to the competitor’s score if the competitor crosses the caution tape, or hits pylons, tires or arrows used to mark important portions of the course & Chicanes.

A penalty of 1 minute will be added to the competitor’s score if the competitor is deemed to have gone off course during his/her run.

A penalty of 1 minute will be added for a stop box violation.

Jumping the start will be considered “off course” and will receive a penalty of 1 minute


DNF/DNS Will receive a bogey time of typical run time rounded up plus 1 minute. EG: if the typical run time is 1:30, default time will be 3 minutes.



Judge of Fact


Persons at an event who are deemed to be judges of fact
Event Officials
Observation Control Marshals
Start Line Marshals (for false start infractions)
Other Event Marshals as identified in the event’s supplementary regulations

A protest may not be made against the decision of a Judge of Fact. His/her decision shall be accepted as final unless corrected as hereinafter provided.

A mistake by a Judge of Fact may be corrected by him/her with the concurrence of the Steward(s) of event and/or Organizer.



14. Alcohol and Drugs

Before and during the competition, consumption of any non-prescription drug or alcohol by any participant or crew will result in immediate exclusion from further competition and removal from the property. Any person suspected of being impaired by drugs or alcohol will be removed from the property immediately.


15. General Supplementary Safety Rules and Regulations


Vehicle Eligibility

As a minimum, all vehicles must comply with current CARS Rally Cross Regulations 27.3.2

CARS Rally Cross regulations can be found on event web site under RX Regulations.

  1. Withdrawal or Cancellation

Withdrawals without penalty can be made until noon on Thursday prior to event. After that, a minimum of a $10 processing fee may be withheld. Competitors who do not formally withdraw will not receive a refund.

If we have to cancel for weather or any other reason, we will inform all competitors on the Friday prior to event
100% of fees will be refunded in this case.  


Please be aware that under no circumstances may UMAV (Drones) be used at any ASN Sanctioned event, without approval !