Rally X Championship 2023

2023 Rally X Championships

There are two championships per season.  The First is open automatically to all entrants in the Series Championship.  This is a Class based Championship and Points are Awarded based on your position in the class.  Lower subscribed classes will result in fewer points being rewarded. Check the Points Chart below.

The Second is open only to PMSC members who meet the requirements for Membership and scoring. Scores will be part of PMSC overall Championship. You must be a member PRIOR to the commencement of an event to score points in the Club Series. Your class points will be used in this Championship

The Points system is as follows.

For each of the Three Classes, competition points will be awarded in both the Open and PMSC Series Championships according to the following schedule.

Number in Class 3+ 2 1
1st in Class 20 17 15
2nd in Class 17 15
3rd in Class 15
4th in Class 14
5th in Class 13
6th in Class 12
7th in Class 11
8th in Class 10
Less than 8th 10
DNF 10

We will have rewards however this will be based on entries we have and any Sponsorship we are able to obtain.